Minimal Skin

Logo & Package Design


Ingredient Iconography
I began by focusing on the foundation of the brand, it’s simplicity of ingredients. Although the branding was meant to be simple, I did not want it to come across oversimplified and scientific. With fewer than 6 recognizable ingredients in each product, there was an opportunity to highlight the active ingredient by incorporating imagery.


The mantra of this project was, “Simple is harder than complicated”. Nowhere is this truer in this project, than the logo. ┬áHere I’ve shown the top three contenders. In the end, we went with the simplest of them all.

Label Design

On the label I played around with combining the iconography and product details (weight, logo, ingredients) to find an appealing composition. I also started to incorporate colors that paried well with active ingredients so different products could be easily identifiable by color.